Body Waxing in Midtown NYC

Body Waxing Midtown NYC

Are you looking for body waxing in Midtown NYC? BioSkin Laser is a specialty body waxing studio offering premium quality depilatory services including Brazilian Bikini, Full Bikini, and a variety of other body waxing choices in a clean and comfortable environment right in the heart of Midtown NYC. At BioSkin Laser, you’ll find that a strict single-dip policy and highly attentive estheticians make for an good beauty spot.

BioSkin Laser uses safe products and expert practices to ensure that body waxing is performed with the upmost professional care and attention to detail. Our estheticians are fully trained to perform expert body waxing, removing body hair and giving your skin a beautiful, natural shine. We are committed to your satisfaction and comfort, offering body waxing performed precisely and safely. We do not practice "double dipping" and always wear gloves when performing body waxing. Our high quality methods reach the root of your hair follicles, keeping hair regrowth at a minimum.

We NEVER double dip and ALWAYS wear gloves!

Bio Skin Laser offers the following types of bikini waxing services in NYC:

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Body Waxing Pricing NYC

Whether you are looking for nice skin in preparation of summer or achieving a nice skin appearance year-round, our professionals are available to help you reach your goals. Our professional body waxers take away the need to spend time shaving. Too often, cuts and improper shaving techniques cause redness, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Choosing our affordable body waxing in Midtown NYC; means that your skin will look nice in a natural radiance, unaffected by bumps and painful ingrown hairs that can become difficult to remove.

Our professionalism and expertise will give you a sense of comfort and will make your visit with us a pleasant experience with all the attention to detail that makes us a specialty waxing salon where art and experience meet to fulfill your every expectation and of course impeccable guest satisfaction.

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call the skin care experts at Bio Skin Laser at 212-696-1900

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